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Goals & Objectives

Well Water Global's response is to confront the water problem on two fronts: scarcity and contamination. Water Scarcity: The majority of the areas of the world that are most plagued by lack of access to water are actually in areas of the most available water underground. Drilled and hand-dug wells can alleviate this. Read more about our mission and values to see our policy. Water Contamination: In some ways, the scarcity problem leads to the contamination problem, since people without access to well water are forced to drink surface water without having the means to properly purify it. This introduces an entirely new set of problems and complications. Biosand filters, water catchment and pump systems, UV purification systems, and many other new technologies can be implemented to clean surface water inexpensively. The right solution will depend on the local circumstances, but we plan to use all of them.

Our Story

The “water problem,” which in reality is a large set of interrelated problems, is a prime candidate for being the biggest social/health problem facing our world today. But there is good news too: lack of access to clean water is a problem that is altogether preventable. So why then has the problem not been eliminated? It’s complicated, but the short answer is that, in the places on the map where the problem is most pronounced, the resources needed to solve the problem are absent. There are, of course, other groups working on providing people with clean water, but the resources being invested at present are quite literally dwarfed by the size of the problem. At Well Water Global, we want to do whatever we can to reverse that ratio.