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SOTERIA Precision Medicine Foundation

SOTERIA Precision Medicine Foundation


Goals & Objectives

Your support will empower cancer patients with access to precision medicine, neutral expertise, and targeted treatment options. Join our movement for Precision Medicine for All. With your donation, SOTERIA will - Enable patient access to precision medicine - despite socioeconomic status, geographic location, or treating institution - Drive awareness of precision medicine through education, publication, and patient outreach - Sustain & secure precision medicine clinical trials - Enable leading-edge precision oncology and immunotherapy options to reduce patient/physician burden - Scale patient enrollment, reduce patient costs, and enable program expansion to impact more patients - Longitudinal data analysis via SOTERIA's precision medicine augmented intelligence platform to impact public policy for better healthcare

Our Story

Precision Medicine for All - At SOTERIA, we support a superior approach to cancer treatment, where the patient is at the center of globally curated resources to implement precision medicine and generate better outcomes despite geographic location, treating institution, or socioeconomic status. The founders and supporters of SOTERIA are personally familiar with a cancer diagnosis and believe that every cancer patient deserves access to the best care. SOTERIA challenges the one-size-fits-all approach to cancer treatment by leveraging the power of an individual's data to identify personalized, targeted treatment plans and provides access to the most relevant advanced technology and treatment options from the convenience of your own home. Advancements in genomics have enabled personalized, targeted cancer therapy, leading to better outcomes. As medicine becomes more multi-modal, no one individual or institution can be the leading expert in all areas., nor can we rely on existing institutions to lead this effort because there is no economic incentive. SOTERIA is a neutral entity that is required to synthesize medical & scientific experts to bridge the gap to navigate the complexities of precision medicine and help alleviate patient and physician burden to generate better outcomes.