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We are direct descendants of campesino coffee producers who are reclaiming our right to control and benefit from our resources by directly trading our family grown coffee to businesses that are invested in the empowerment of marginalized people. Our vision is to create community wealth from the rancho to the barrio. We want to increase the quality of life of campesino/farmworkers from our village in Mexico as well as for indigenous diasporas in San Diego and beyond. We hope to see a world without forced economic migration and displacement, where families and communities can stay together, and where we can sustain our ancestral farming practices to re-indigenize our relationship with the land and with each other. We seek to foster transnational solidarity by connecting people across borders through coffee. We aim to spread the radical hope that collectively we can create a world that is grounded in justice. What we intend to do: ● Foster solidarity economies that put people and the planet first ○ By directly trading the coffee and paying producers thriving wages (enough for necessities, disposable income, and savings) to create community wealth ● Support indigenous diasporas’ sustainability of ancestral lands, lifeways, and traditional ecological knowledge by directly funding small coffee farms through coffee purchases ● Spread Radical Hope ○ Create community events at partner businesses to connect people to social justice movements and to each other. ○ Visits to the coffee farm to meet the producers and learn about coffee production, alternative forms of government, land trusts, and sustainable farming. ● Connect people across borders through coffee by fostering empowering relationships among the businesses, coffee consumers and coffee producers.

Radical Hope Coffee Start Up Funds

Our small family coffee farm is in a remote village with limited access to transportation. We need startup funds to purchase a reliable truck to transport large amounts of coffee. Funds will also be used to purchase supplies to transport coffee, create a website, and begin our marketing. These start up funds will help us establish a foundation to become a sustainable business that helps farmers, first generation low-income people, and indigenous diasporas.

Hey everyone! We're getting a new lab for our minions and we need some help with our build out. We are creating a space to teach classes on digital media in our community. Follow our story and give when you can, any and all donations are welcomed.

Think Minion New Office Space

We are looking to raise $5000 to help cover the cost of building the computer lab. Please consider donating to our space!