Winter Garden Heritage Foundation

Winter Garden Heritage Foundation

The mission of the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation is to preserve the heritage and architecture of West Orange County, while creating new cultural experiences. Since 1994, the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation has been an integral part of the preservation and revitalization of historic downtown Wi[...]

Josh Gilbert Band

Josh Gilbert Band: the Gospel through music

MISSION: Hello everyone! Josh Gilbert is raising support to release a New Album, Tour Expenses & Funding for HIS BAND & TEAM The goal is to market the new Album to a diverse fanbase, as well as go on a multi-city Tour - as a Team of "Musician-aries" (missionaries) in order to perform not only in C[...]

Coastal Communities Concert Band Foundation

Coastal Communities Concert Band

The Coastal Communities Concert Band (CCCBand) is an award-winning symphonic band of more than 70 musicians. The Band provides musical education and entertainment for the San Diego community, particularly its senior citizens. CCCBand Concerts introduce the audience to diverse band music spanning Bac[...]