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Josh Gilbert Band: the Gospel through music

Josh Gilbert Band

Our Story

MISSION: Hello everyone! Josh Gilbert is raising support to release a New Album, Tour Expenses & Funding for HIS BAND & TEAM The goal is to market the new Album to a diverse fanbase, as well as go on a multi-city Tour - as a Team of "Musician-aries" (missionaries) in order to perform not only in Churches/Christian Events, but also in Public Venues, specifically in effort to share the Gospel to those who don't know the message of Christ yet!

Goals & Objectives

About JOSH GILBERT BAND & Mission: 100% of the proceeds goes toward music and concert marketing, to fund the ministry of Josh Gilbert Band.  We aim to spread the Gospel through our music, wherever we go, and to reach people from all walks of life.  Thank-you to everyone who has supported us thus far in so many different ways!!! The New EP, “Outside The City”, is the first chapter in a series of 4 upcoming EP releases from Josh Gilbert (Josh Gilbert Band). It includes the new songs, “Shelter Of Love”, “Sweet Little Place”, “Give My Life To You”, and “Outside The City”. The Josh Gilbert Band project concept, “Outside The City”, is all about how God takes us out of our man-made world sometimes to show us more of Him and give us a new perspective. “Sometimes we can get caught up in our own structure and schedules in seasons of life, and these collections of songs (some old and some new) are all tied together with how God has walked with me through many hard, lonely times and situations, and has kept me secure and provided all I need for me and for my family, despite the impossible circumstances. I hope that you will be encouraged with the messages of this new Project, in that when you feel overwhelmed in life, you don’t have only your own strength and plans to rely on — Jesus always provides us with a way out if we trust Him; He is always faithful!” — Josh Gilbert The lyrics of Josh Gilbert Band songs use language that would target those who might not be typical Church-goers or those raised in a Christian culture. The funds raised will go to cost of musicians, marketing, management, & Tour Campaign for 2019. About the JOSH GILBERT BAND TOUR CAMPAIGN: With a diverse public audience in mind, we are also wanting to Promote a Tour Experience (marketing/merchandise/production & videography) into next year (Spring/Summer 2019). Our team campaign would mobilize not only the band and expenses, but also help sponsor us opening for a Current Popular Artist. We aim to perform at a variety of Public Venues & Events - in hopes that the message of the Gospel would crossover to a public atmosphere, not just behind closed church service doors. Examples of our strategies would include the following: sharing the Gospel message during concert sets, sharing songs and stories that support that message, building relationships both from and off the stage, branding and marketing to support these values, etc....The funds raised for the Tour campaign would not only include marketing expenses, but also go towards mobilization -- the vehicle/maintenance, band, sound tech, videographer, etc.. to document the experience and journey! Examples of our targeted venues would include, but not limited to: Opening for Well-Known artists, Small Theaters & Music Venues, Clubs, City Parks/Pavilions, Festivals, Large-scale Cafe's/Coffeeshops, even some Christian festivals, Churches, and outdoor events. Because of the nature of the current music business climate, and vast expenses to produce and create Recordings and distribute them, we could not continue without your support!