Hidden area achievement unlocked!

Creating shared value with giving

Delivering greater value through business.

Is it possible to give more to the planet and get more for your business?


We get it. Business is tough, time is fleeting and you’ve also got a thing called ‘balance’ that you’re hoping to achieve any moment now.

And there is something else. Every day you read stories of how the world around us is struggling. Most of us shrug it off, put our collective heads back down and focus on the next step. One foot after the other. Looking at our shared horizon can sometimes just be too complicated and surely falls within the jurisdiction of other people.  The business needs your full attention, right?  You’ve got that report due in the morning, right?  What if we could help you achieve your business goals in a way that helped everyone else too?

What if you could make your business meaningful?


How we got here

After many years of finding significant success helping businesses of all sizes in their various digital pursuits,  we paused. Skills: yes. Insights: yes. Passion for digital media: most certainly! Greater purpose: not so much.

Sound familiar?

We have spent our careers studying the best ways to take businesses online and how to help them connect with and provide value to their customers. Like others, we’ve done the study, read the books, been to the seminars and surfed the numerous new waves of social hotness. The typical solutions are sound and the enthusiasm is genuine, but all too often the value is temporary. A big problem. 

Our mission is to invent digital spaces that generate ongoing, sustainable value for all of us.


A question of value

You know, we’re all quite similar. In fact, if we all ultimately want the same things, understanding your customers doesn’t need to be complicated.  What is it that they need from you? How do they define your value? Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you offer simplicity? Are your customer’s lives made simpler with you in it?
  • Are you dependable? When your customers need you, do you deliver?
  • Would your customers describe you as honest? Are you and your brand the same thing?
  • Do your customers identify with your brand? Would they wear your t-shirt?
  • Are your values aligned? What are you making together? Are you worth it?
  • Is your business extraordinary? How replaceable are you? Does your business really matter to your customers?

Get these things right and you’ll find that you not only have a motivated customer, but a genuinely inspired advocate. Miss the mark and you’ve just handed the opportunity to your competitors.

Whilst we work to create positive outcomes with all of the questions raised above, we focus on making sure you and your customers want the same thing.  A common goal that encourages a meaningful connection. Embrace this and let your customers do your marketing for you.


The giving bit – being “worth it”

Charity is complicated for almost everyone, especially for businesses and the average consumer. This is due to many reasons but mainly because we feel like we ought to do more but don’t know how to go about it in a way that makes sense.

From a business perspective, the main difficulty seems to be that it typically doesn’t offer a good enough ROI for it to be a viable option. Harsh but true.  Fancy giving someone a silly, oversized cheque? Getting your logo on the bottom of a flyer that no-one looks at? Making an awkward speech at the end of a boozy evening? No thanks. Giving is good only if it doesn’t cost you your business. Giving is better if it can help you to build your business and make a real difference.

For the consumer, charity is confusing. Every day we are asked for help. Walk three blocks in a major city and see for yourself. We want to pitch in (and often do) but where do you start and stop? Do we have enough money to give when we don’t know if we have enough for ourselves? How much is enough?

What if we could change all of that? Actually change the way we think about and participate in giving? If we could help you deliver solutions that make your commercial initiatives good for your customers, your business AND the planet?  What if you could create meaningful moments with your customers, provide real persistant value and ultimately succeed by making things better for all of us?

It’s happening. We’re doing it.


Change giving with us

We are launching a number of creative, fun and innovative digital spaces and are currently looking for businesses of all sizes to partner with us. Everything is under wraps at the moment as we pull together the strings, but we’ll be ready to chat more soon.  There are additional incentives for early adopters and foundation members so please, if you’re curious, call us now and subscribe for updates.

Until then, please participate in the discussions on our blog and on Facebook.